Wild Game Mix

99 kr

Raw for Paw dog treats are suitable for every occasion. Do you enjoy training your dog? Or do you give treats after being outside? Whatever the occasion, these soft, easy to chew treats are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Freeze-dried dog treats made from reindeer, wild boar and moose meat.
Composition: reindeer 40%, wild boar 30%, Moose 30% (meat, tripe, heart, lung, liver, cartilage). No additives.

Energy Per 100g: 2289 KJ / 547 Kcal
Protein: 58%
Fat: 35%
Ash: 3%
Water: 4%

Supplement feed for dogs and cats. Not heat-treated.

Net quantity: 45 g
45 grams of pure freeze-dried game meat contains the equivalent of about 150 grams of fresh meat.

Made in our own factory in Småland, Sweden.
Origin of raw materials: moose and wild boar from Sweden, reindeer from Sápmi.

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