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Freeze-dried dog treats with 100% Nordic meat

Our dog treats consist of freeze-dried pieces of meat, naturally sourced from Nordic ingredients. One series contains 100% meat from animals that have lived their lives in the Nordic forests, and the other series comes from carefully selected Nordic farms.

There are five different flavors in the wild series: moose, deer, reindeer, stag, boar, wild mix and wild duck. Products with single protein are good for dogs with sensitivities, and most dogs tend to do well with wild game.

The second series consists of six flavors: beef, pork, chicken, salmon, pork, and turkey. To enhance them, we have also added lingonberries and nettles, which are packed with antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

Perfect to keep in your pocket and easy to chew

The size of our treats is approximately 10 mm in diameter, making them the smallest on the market. We have chosen to make them in a smaller size both to fit smaller dogs but also because smaller pieces allow us to reward more often!

Many older dogs and dogs with dental problems also find our treats great because they are quite soft in texture.

Here you have the perfect treat to carry in your pocket as it doesn’t crumble and also doesn’t have a strong odor.