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Raw for Paw kosttillskott – honest pet care from nature

We always promise our consumers products with ingredients that are 100 % from nature.

Honest petcare from nature

In this series of supplements we have created a strong cooperation with a supplier in Hungary. They have many years of experience in making supplements and together we have produced these products and unique herbal mixes. We have carefully choosen the ingredients, all raw materials from nature. Our products are also without bad additives, simply because they are not needed.

An unbalanced body can show many different symptoms and all dogs need some support in different periods in life. Sometimes they are needed for shorter periods, sometimes longer. These supplements can help the dog’s body and functions in a natural way. We do not strive for you to use supplements for your dog every day. Use them when needed and preferably for preventive purposes.

Using products from nature will create higher nutrient uptake and from that more effect is often shown.

Sniff us out!