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Supplements for dogs

All our supplements consist of consciously selected ingredients from nature and are of the highest quality. Natural substances are better absorbed by the body, allowing your dog to get more out of the product and achieve better results.

Our supplements – honest and fair

A body out of balance can exhibit many different symptoms, and many dogs may need support from various supplements. Sometimes for shorter periods, sometimes longer. Therefore, supplements are a way to help the body from within, preferably as a preventive measure. In this way, we can assist the body in a natural manner.

In our series of supplements, we have chosen to use natural ingredients because natural substances provide better absorption. This is, of course, a high priority for us.

All ingredients serve a purpose. Our supplements are also not mixed with anything else, but consist solely of 100% pure and natural products.

Give treatments periodically

We believe that you don’t need to dose your supplement every day, all year round. Instead, you can conveniently administer it as a course during certain periods and sometimes for a longer duration. What determines how long you should give it is the reason why the supplement is being given and the individual receiving it. Is it for preventive purposes? Then you can give it once a week. Is it because of shedding? Then you can give it during that period to help boost the coat.

We have categorized our supplements into five different categories.