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Dried vegetable mix prepared from fresh vegetables suitable for human consumption, for BARF diets and to supplement home-cooked food.

For the sake of better digestibility, fresh vegetables are chopped into pieces of 2 to 4 mm before drying – this enables you to easily make a varied diet for your pet without fuss.

If your pet needs a tad more dietary fibre than usual, do not hesitate to sprinkle a small number of dried vegetables on the complete menu and there you go, you have perked up dinner for that day!

The optimal proportion of vegetables in your pet’s diet may vary individually, depending on age and physical activity. For example, dogs of more advanced age or those less active may need more dietary fibre and hence, more vegetables. The energy content of vegetables is low, so increase their proportion in the diet if your goal is to reduce calorie intake.

One measuring scoop, 5 grams of ‘Veggies’, corresponds to 40 to 50 grams of fresh vegetables.

Soak the mixture in lukewarm water for 15 minutes then mix it with the food.

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