Wild Boar

99.00 kr

Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Made from 100% Nordic Game Meat

The Raw for Paws wild series contains of dog treats that are freeze-dried and made from 100% game meat, naturally from animals that have lived the good life in our Nordic forests.

The soft and easy-to-chew pieces are appreciated by dogs of all ages and sizes. Wild Duck is our freeze-dried dog treat made from 100% wild duck meat, produced in our own factory in Småland. Of course, it is completely free of additives.

Freeze-dried products are dry without crumbling, making them excellent to carry in your pocket during walks or on the training field. Additionally, they contain very few calories, so you can reward again and again.

Welcome to find your dog’s favorite! The available flavors are deer, moose, reindeer, roe deer, and wild duck.


Wild duck 100 % (meat, heart, liver, cartilage).
Raw material origin: Sweden.

Protein: 63 %
Fat: 30 %
Ash: 3 %
Water: 4 %

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