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We are so glad that you are curious about Raw for Paw and our resellers. Our Raw for Paw treats and supplements are also available in well-stocked shops in the pet retail industry. This means that you can find us in both physical and online stores, so you can choose whatever opinions suits you best and easily find them wherever you are.

Here are a few example of Raw for Paw resellers:,, MEDS and Granngården

We’ve recently started to send out sampels to our reseller so that your dog can take a try before you purchase them. Because there is no better way to know if they will love them as much as we do, right?

And this is also a way for us to make sure that we don’t need to use more plastic material than needed. And a plus it that you as a customer can see the products, feel the texture and you can let your best friend try our 100% natural dog treats. 

If you have any questions about us do not hesitate to ask the staff at our resellers. And you can of course send us an e-mail as well! 

We can’t wait to hear what you and your dog thinks about our products! 

Info to resellers:

Down below you have a link where you can download images that you want to use in your channels. 

If there is anything missing or if you have any inputs we would love to get your feedback! 

En hund sitter med en godistub från raw for paw fylld med frystorkat hundgodis från sverige med hundra procent kött. Det är en rosa bakgrund. Enligt hunden är raw for paws godis det bästa hundgodiset. On this page you can see a few of our Raw for Paw resellers.


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