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Freeze-dried dog treats made from 100% Nordic wild meat

Welcome to Raw for Paws wild series. This series includes dog treats that are freeze-dried and made from 100% wild meat, naturally sourced from animals that have lived the good life in our Nordic forests.

Raw for Paw Tubes

We have two series of dog treats. In this series, we have freeze-dried pieces consisting of 100% meat. The pieces are suitable for all dogs regardless of age and often appeal to picky eaters. Naturally, we use Nordic ingredients.

In the series, you will find five different flavours. All are manufactured in our own factory in Småland. Like all our products, we focus on the quality of the ingredients and value honest products that we can be proud of. This, of course, also applies to this series of freeze-dried dog treats.

The pieces are soft for the dog to chew and easy for you to break into smaller pieces. Freeze-dried products are dry without crumbling, making them excellent to carry in your pocket during walks or at the training ground.

Welcome to find your dog’s favourite! The flavours available are deer, moose, reindeer, roe deer, and wild duck.