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Raw for Paw

– honest, proud and happy!

We are tail-wagging proud of our honest products. Raw for Paw is a brand specializing in natural products to support the wellbeing of your dog. Today, we have two different categories of dog treats and a series of supplements.

Raw for Paw dog treats are freeze-dried pieces of meat, naturally from Nordic ingredients. Our first series contains 100% meat from animals who lived their lives in the Nordic forests. We offer six different flavours: moose, wild roe deer, wild boar, reindeer, wild deer, and a wild game mix. Products containing single proteins are good for dogs with hypersensitivities and most dogs handle game meat well.

The second series consists of six different types. The pieces are freeze-dried and made from single proteins. The flavours are beef, pork, chicken, salmon, and turkey. To top it off we have added lingonberry and nettle.

Both series contain Nordic ingredients and are free from strange additives and other non-essential products. We produce our products in our own factory in Småland, Sweden.

Supplements from nature

Our series of supplements contain raw ingredients from nature. You will find familiar products such as MSM and Green-lipped mussel, but we have also developed unique herbal mixtures that support different functions of the dog’s body.

Together with our supplier Andrea, we have chosen 12 supplements that support the body’s functions. The strength of our series is the purity of the raw ingredients. Many supplements, even those meant for humans, are synthetic mixtures. We believe in natural ingredients because the body better absorbs natural substances and therefore provide a greater effect.

In the beginning…

The idea of Raw for Paw started with a lack of the perfect dog treat. Founder Karin Pontén who has her own experiences of training dogs, knows that it is easier to motivate, and rewards a dog when the treat is right. A treat that only contains meat and is fair, cares for the animals – and of course is so irresistible that dogs would do anything for another piece!

The ideas resulted in soft, freeze-dried treat pieces that do not smudge or crumble, which is perfect for keeping them loose in your pocket. Raw for Paw is a dog treat with few calories so that you can reward your dog often and plentifully. They are produced in Snellman Petfoods’ factory in Småland, and all raw materials come from the Nordics are, of course, carefully selected.

The brand is constantly developing and today, we have two series of freeze-dried dog treats and one series of supplements for dogs. All products developed within the brand follow the same principals, and our honesty lies in our values about raw materials and honest products.

Raw for Paw is for you who values honest* and fair products.

*Being completely honest is important to us and therefore we need to explain our definition of “honest”. To us, this means that we are transparent with our choices and values from animal to product. Our pride lies in being able to offer the conscious owner clean products containing only raw materials we can stand by. If you are happy, we are happy, and it is important to us that you will enjoy our products as much as your dog or cat will do.

Q & A

What do Raw for Paw dog treats contain?

Raw for Paw contain 100% Swedish game meat that has been freeze-dried into suitable bite sizes. This is all, and everything that is needed.

Where do the raw ingredients for Raw for Paw come from?

All raw ingredients come from animals who have lived the good life in Nordic forests and farms.

Where do the raw ingredients for Raw to Paw supplements come from?

We cooperate with a supplier from Hungary who is knowledgeable about qualitative raw ingredients, ingredients not found in Sweden. MSM comes from the USA, Green-lipped mussel comes from New Zealand, and other ingredients come from the EU. You will find specific information under each product information.

Where is Raw for Paw made?

Our freeze-dried dog treats are made in our own factory located in Småland, Sweden. The supplements are made by our supplier in Hungary.

Why should I choose Raw for Paw dog treats?

Because your dog will love them! We want to offer you high quality dog treat for the sake of your dog’s wellbeing. Giving a large amount of treats during training and/or during everyday life would mean that you would need to reduce the amount of food in order to limit your dog’s daily energy intake. With Raw for Paw, you can give your dog a treat with a high nutrient level, few calories, and most of all – no junk, just freeze-dried Swedish game meat.

Where can I buy Raw for Paw dog treats?

You can find our gorgeous packages and tasty dog treats in well-stocked stores in pet retail, both in stores and in webshops.

Is the packaging for Raw to Paw made from environmentally friendly materials?

Of course! Our gorgeous packaging in made from environmentally friendly paper materials.

Är förpackningen till Raw for Paw av miljövänligt material?

Självklart! Våra snygga förpackningar är av miljövänligt pappersmaterial.

Questions concerning orders

If you have any questions concerning our range of products or an order in our webshop, please email us! 

Raw for Paw dog treats are freeze-dried pieces made from 100% meat, naturally from animals who have lived the good life on farms and in the Nordic nature.


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