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Snellman Group Whistleblow-channel

When should I use the Snellman Whistleblow channel?

You can use the reporting channel if you suspect that something is not right, a misconduct of some kind that is of greater public interest and that affects the company in question. For example, it may be about irregularities that take place in the workplace, illegal or unethical or harmful activities that have a connection to the Snellman Group or to our partners, suppliers and subcontractors.

You who make a report must have a well-founded reason to believe that the information about the violation (suspicion) is correct at the time of the report. Intentionally reporting false allegations is prohibited by law and may result in legal penalties.

Please note that the reporting channel is not intended for so-called normal customer response or complaints.

Who can file a report?

The whistleblower can be anyone who has a close relationship with the Snellman Group, such as an employee, former employee, subcontractor, supplier, customer, shareholder, board member, job seeker or intern.

The report can be made completely anonymously, and your identity as a reporter is protected. Even if you choose to enter your name, for example to facilitate the investigation of the case, your case will be treated with complete confidentiality. The personal data you report in the report can be used to investigate the matter or be passed on to authorities in accordance with the terms and obligations of the legislation, for example if a preliminary investigation or court proceedings are initiated.

Who is handling my report?

The reports are processed only by the company’s specially appointed persons who are obliged to process the report in an independent and impartial manner. All reports are investigated with full confidentiality, and confidentiality applies to the extent prescribed by law. The Snellman Group uses Webrolpol’s Whistleblower Platform, and only persons appointed within the Snellman Group have access to the reports. Neither Webropol nor Snellman is aware of the notifier’s IP address.

The Snellman group’s reporting channel is administered at group level and includes reports from all its operating companies that are part of the group. The persons who handle reports in Snellman Group are Lena Holmberg and Rose Lindell at HR department.

How do I submit my report?

You can submit your report easily by following the link or given QR-code. Follow the instructions given.

You will be asked to choose whether you want to enter the report as anonymous or if you choose to enter your name. You must then follow the given instructions, and remember to save the unique password that gives you access to subsequently follow the handling of the case via a follow-up page

If you do not save the password, it will not be able to be recovered because no one else has access to it. If you forget to save the password and have questions about your case, how it is progressing, etc., you need to create a completely new notification and in it refer to the fact that you made a previous notification (enter date and time).

When do I get answers on my submitted report?

The report is acknowledged as received within 1 week of receiving the report, and the processing time is 3 months (can be extended if necessary, but then those investigating the case will inform you about this).


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