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Supplements, kosttillskott. Elin sitter på en bred stig i skogen med hennes tre hundar, Örjan som är en GOlden Retriver sedan staffarna Tage och Helge. Hundarna äter Raw for paws naturliga kosttillskott för hundar och dom är så nöjda. Riktigt bra kosttillskott som elin verkligen ser resultat av

The issues with Elin’s dog Örjan sparked her greatest interest!

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Elin got her first dog, Örjan, when she was 16 years old. Örjan is a six-year-old Golden Retriever and it was he who opened Elin’s eyes to her great interest in dogs.

Örjan has had several physical problems that have caused Elin to delve into a lot of knowledge about dog health, rehabilitation, and nutrition – which is now her greatest interest and also what she works with! Elin runs her own dog shop while also being a Canine Therapist, providing rehabilitation and wellness services for dogs.

In her free time, Elin enjoys dog training. She actively trains Agility, Rally Obedience, Nosework, and Show competitions. Today, Elin also has two Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Helge is just over 1.5 years old and Tage is 5 months old, and it is primarily Tage and Helge that she trains and competes with.

Sometimes her mom’s French Bulldog also stays with Elin, so there is no shortage of dogs, says Elin with a twinkle in her eye!

When Elin and her gang aren’t training, they do activities that the dogs enjoy. They spend a lot of time in the woods where they can roam around freely. The dogs also love to hang out on the couch. Elin thinks it’s an important quality that she adores in her dogs – that they truly love to work and move around, but are content with lounging on the couch.

“My favorite thing to do with the dogs is probably mainly to actually be out in nature and enjoy it together with them.” – Elin

As you have read earlier, Örjan has some issues in his body, including occasional pain in his back and hips. Elin treats this but also gives him supplements for preventative purposes. One of Elin’s dogs recently suffered from hives and was given supplements to support his body.

What supplements do you give to your dogs?

I give my dogs different supplements in different periods. Right now, everyone except for the puppy is getting Rosehip and Digestive Guard. During periods when my dogs need it, they also get Brewers Yeast, Humin-Pet, and Greenies. I give the supplements based on their needs during that period.

Elin talks about her latest experience with supplements:

In addition to his hip and back pain, Örjan also has issues with his digestive tract. He has had this since a young age, and we have worked with a veterinarian to find a diet that works for him. But sometimes he has issues with his ears, he gets a lot of itching and his ears become red and messy. After 2 weeks of Humin-Pet, all the itching and mess was gone from his ears!

“It’s completely healed, I’m so impressed with how well it works!” – Elin

Why do you give your dogs supplements?

I give my dogs supplements because I can really see a difference in their bodies. But I also want to give them the best possible conditions for their bodies to receive the support they need. For example, when my dog had hives, I gave him Humin-Pet and the hives disappeared quite quickly within a few days. During shedding, I give them Brewers Yeast. I give Digestive Guard because my dogs sometimes have bad breath and the problems disappear quickly after a few days!

I think it’s important to know what you’re giving and to be able to provide a basis for why your dog needs supplements. That’s why I don’t give supplements all year round, but during the period they need it.

If you could choose a supplement, which one and why?

Without hesitation, I would choose Humin-Pet. I think it’s fantastic for hives. I’ve also seen it work well for dogs with fungal paws. I think it really does the job and it’s perfect because you don’t have to give it all the time, but can run courses when the dog really needs it.